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To pass your time is easy and inexpensive: strolling along the numerous beaches or hiking on shady tracks, swimming in the sea, fishing or collecting sea shells. But there is a lot more to discover on the island. You can explore Sainte Marie on foot, by bike, motorbike or car, going from village to village on tracks or dirt roads along a luxurious vegetation. Vohilava is an ideal starting point to make yourself familiar with the island.

In the north:
Ambodifotatra, administrative capital of the island. Things to see: The oldest church of Madgascar, the pirates`cemetery, Ilot Madame and Baie des Forbans where the pirates anchored for drinking water supply.

Baie d'Ampanihy, magnificent mangroves on the east coast, Phare d`Albrand, a lighthouse on the northern tip of the island, and Piscine Naturelle, several seawater lakes protected by a barrier of rocks.

In the south:
Ile aux Nattes, located at the extreme south of Sainte Marie, access by pirogue, beaches and Blevec lighthouse. In September you might happen to spot the blossoming endemic purple orchid Eulophiella Roempleriana, growing on the pandanus palm tree.

We offer a guided walk to the "Cretes de Sainte Marie - South" as well as a full-day guided walk crossing the island to the "Ampanihy mangroves" in the northeast. The trip to Ambodifotatra, Baie de Lokintsy in the north and Ile aux Nattes can easily be made by bike. A respective Bike Rental service is at your disposal.




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